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Charles Dana

Charles Dana

Saint Louis, MO


I am a rather ancient in years, but young in vision and passion, photographer. I have been creating images for about 45 years with a rather wide variety of equipment and styles. I now use a full format Canon digital camera that is allowing me to explore the wonderful world that surrounds us and to capture a small bit of the color and beauty that abounds, but just so too often is missed during our busy lives.

My primary area of exploration is the macro world of both flora and fauna, where beauty is hidden in plain view, just at too small of a scale to be clearly viewed and appreciated. . I hope that my efforts in communicating my impressions of this enchanting and amazing environment, where everything diverges from our common experience, is succeeding and I am sharing some portion of the wonder, beauty and awe that nature has bestowed upon us.

Most of my images are available as limited edition, signed and archival giclee prints on 100 percent cotton water color paper. Please contact me through this site for further details.

Thank you for visiting and I hope that you have enjoyed your visit and will return.



Borzoi Head Study by Charles Dana


Seelie by Charles Dana


Spirit of the North Wind by Charles Dana


Bashful Charlotte by Charles Dana


Just a Touch of Color by Charles Dana


The Good Eye by Charles Dana


Twins by Charles Dana


Reaching for the Sun by Charles Dana


Dual Domes variation by Charles Dana


Mushroom Abstract Number 1 by Charles Dana


Summers End by Charles Dana


The Blue Door by Charles Dana


Contest Entry by Charles Dana


Bee Up Close and Personal by Charles Dana


Ouch by Charles Dana


Hibiscus Portrait by Charles Dana


Its for the Birds by Charles Dana


Drip Drip Drip by Charles Dana


Drops of Pink by Charles Dana


Purple Orchid by Charles Dana


Up Up and Away by Charles Dana


Water Snake by Charles Dana